Skin Tone API

[General Instructions for submitting images to SkinHelpDesk]

Skin tone, the genetically endowed amount of melanin in the outer skin layer, has got enormous significance both culturally and cosmetically. It is interesting that some consider less to be better while others strive for more. Fitzpatrick’s skin type, though primarily not designed for grading skin tone, is the widely accepted gold standard.

Measuring the amount of melanin is arduous, and estimates from digital image analysis are extremely error-prone. The estimate may vary significantly dependent on lighting and image quality.

This API estimates approximate tone by a pixel counting method after converting the submitted image to an appropriate colour space. The estimate is approximate and this is useful only for cosmetic purposes.

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Image requirements:

Submit an image with only (or predominantly) skin pixels. Take a close-up image with neutral lighting. Try it out a few times to get it right. Visit RapidAPI for instructions.


Output includes the skin tone in ITA. Read more about ITA here. In addition to skin tone, the API also provides an approximate estimate of erythema (redness) and cyanosis (blueness). Please note that both are NOT appropriate for clinical purposes.

Response: In the ‘Result‘ array, look for the ‘Title‘, ‘Detail‘, and the ‘ValueCompute‘ fields.