Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are redefining the beauty industry. For each curve on our face, there now exists a product or a procedure available that can enhance and project it beautifully. AI provides the power of personalization and process automation, which have traditionally required human intelligence.

Creating and deploying ML and AI models that support the downstream applications (mobile apps, clinic website and electronic medical records) requires a lot of expertise. The clinic managers and clinicians who do not realize this, expect the mobile app and website developers to create smart solutions.

SkinHelpDesk supplies the brain of these systems and customize it for your needs. Our backend systems can support sophisticated mobile apps and chatbots that are truly intelligent!

We do not build mobile apps or chatbots. They can still be made by your team, customizing it to your needs. We provide their brains. We have some samples though to demonstrate what is possible.

Customized mobile apps and chatbots

Welcome to the home of Machine Learning in skincare. We create and deploy machine learning models that determine skin tone, skin health and skin type. We implement these models on suitable infrastructure and build solutions for skincare organizations to support their clients.

Reach potential new clients through Mobile Apps that can give insights on their skin even before they contact you! Have chatbots that interact with your clients answering common queries and automatically booking an appointment in your EMR if they have a serious issue.

We provide cloud based machine learning and AI services that can be consumed by your existing mobile apps, website and chatbots.


Skin Tone API

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Your existing website, mobile app or chatbot contacts our services. For example, the mobile app sends us the picture to identify the skin type or skin tone or your chatbot gets the next question to ask the client from our services. Try this prototype.

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