General Instructions for using these APIs in your software or App. You can download this simple HTML file to test the APIs with a webcam after adding the API key (See comments in the file). 

  1. Skin Tone API [Details]
  2. Acne Grading API [Details]
  3. Skin Movement measurement (BOTOX) API [Details]
  4. Hair density API for laser hair removal assessment [Details]
  5. Skin Blemish API [Details]

Connect on RapidAPI

Connect on RapidAPI

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Coming Soon!

Cosmetogram API for skin analysis

Skin Type API

Skin Age API

Wound area measurement API

Trichogram API for analyzing hair thickness.

Conversational AI API for cosmetic dermatology chatbots

Graph neural network & CNN-based multi-modal diagnostic API for dermatology.