Skin blemish API

Skin blemishes are a general term for any mark or discoloration on the skin. A variety of factors, including melasma, acne, sun damage, and aging can cause them. This API estimates and names the colour of the blemishes on the skin. The API crops the central 256*256 window from the image for processing.

The estimate is approximate and this is useful only for cosmetic purposes.

Connect on RapidAPI

Image requirements:

Submit a close-up image with neutral lighting centred on the area to be assessed. If the image is larger than 512*512, only the central 512*512 pixels will be processed. Try it out a few times to get it right. Visit RapidAPI for instructions.


Example response: {“colour”: {“dimgray”: 27.59, “khaki”: 17.24, “rosybrown”: 13.79, “moccasin”: 13.79}}