June 27, 2016

NuClinic is a patient engagement system for specialties offering non-critical services. These specialties need to engage patients (clients) who visit their websites. It is important to keep track of these conversations when the same patient visits the clinic, to offer services according to their priorities.

Clinic managers or trained nurses manage portal based client interactions, leading to misunderstandings and confusions during the subsequent clinic visit. NuClinic is a unique solution to improve the workflow in this situation. NuClinic is conceptualized and programmed by a dermatologist!

NuClinic has two components. The first is a website add-on that can be installed in most existing websites. This component allows potential clients to post concerns and engage in a two-way conversation. The patients can upload photos from file or webcam. The customers can be charged a recurring fee. This website is powered by the NuClinic website module. Feel free to explore the various areas of this website.

The second component is an open-source Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. The EHR can talk to your website and retrieve the patient’s web interactions when he/she visits the clinic based on their email. This EHR can be installed in your laptop, hospital intranet or the cloud. You can also import the case from your website into your EMR! The EMR lets you upload patient images and can be customized according to your needs!


NuClinic Module in the EMR.

NuClinic also has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module that lets your backend team manage customers effectively. The CRM is also linked to the EHR so that the doctors are never kept out of the loop.

NuClinic is a clever amalgamation of various open-source software (80% of the software components used are free) and is very cost effective. If you want to install NuClinic in your clinic, contact us!